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SEMINOLE hard rock hôtel 

Hollywood, Florida - USA

Imagine a 450-foot high Guitar Hotel.

The show is a daily spectacular featuring a series of orchestrated outdoor music and light shows showcasing the LED lights built into all sides of the brand new and immaculate The Guitar Hotel. The lights are programmed to change color and intensity and are choreographed to different songs.

I was, with another agency on this project,  mandated for musical direction, production of musical arrangements, remixing and sound design.

I am very happy that i composed the two main scenes that you can see/listen on 2 occasions every night.

It's a generative and sound-reactive content designed for the shows on the facade  of the Guitar Hotel , a testament to the musical legacy of the Hard Rock Band.


- Ambient Sound FX

- Electric Guitar arrangement of Spratch Zarathoustra theme

- Electro version arrangement of I Like you by Club Yoko

- Mixing/Mastering


- Ambient Sound FX

- Ambient Sound FX

- Editing of Smooth by Santana

- Mixing/Mastering

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